Daisy's First Grooming
Our mobile van has
state-of-the-art equipment!
We use high quality shampoo and
conditioner used that won't strip the
natural qualities of the coat.
Special medicated shampoo
available for skin irritation and
Hot and cold water for comfortable
bathing using our full size bath tub.
Super Suds System insures a
clean well-groomed pet.
Heat and air conditioning for
comfortable grooming.
Warm air fluff drying by hand.
Ears cleaned and ear hair
removed to help prevent
Paw hair trimmed.  Nails
trimmed and dremeled.
Anal glands expressed.
Cut of choice.  Finishing touches
using bows or bandanas.  Nail
polish and finishing mist optional.
Thorough brush-out of loose
coat and undercoat
removed.  De-shedding
Hydraulic grooming table
accommodates geriatric pets needs
and provides comfort.
Flea and tick treatments available.
Lots of hugs and kisses!
Tender Touch
Mobile Pet Grooming